Branding Solutions

Logo Design

The Logo is not only a graphic put along with the company name, but it symbolizes your business and creates an image that nothing else can create. Logo can differentiate your company in the market especially for branding. The perception of your company logo can create the driving force behind market leadership.

While designing a Logo Orangehue not only consider the business name, but also company vision and mission, company product, and the most important the company itself as an identity. The logo we design reflects the soul of the company.

Most of all our creative and dedicated designers keep in mind the guidelines to create 100% original work. The uniqueness is our specialty. When designing a Logo we always make sure that it should be meaningful and message sharing.

Corporate Identity

A corporate identity usually includes the following items: Letterhead, Envelope, Business card and other Stationeries.

Business card:
Business card is not merely a 90mm X 55mm piece of card, but it can be the ambassador of your company. It´s not just a contact form, it reminds the potential client that your company exists and this is how it strengthens your overall brand. It circulates the message to the world that you are open for the business. A business card should be simple yet attractive and professional. It should incorporate a company logo and necessary contact information. We create business card that suits your identity.

We create a logical and attractive graphic presentation for your letterhead. A letterhead is important as a brand. It represents company and sets your first impression in the market which helps you to establish a remarkable identity.

Orangehue develops an envelope design that makes and outstanding impression on the recipient. We create eye-catching designs that will help you to gives an identity in the market and makes you a stand out in the competitive market.


A four color glossy brochure is the best way to showcase your services of business or product. Brochure is used to build your company goodwill, promote your company services and product.
There are various types of brochure in the market.

  • Bi-fold Brochure Design.
  • Tri-fold Brochure Design.
  • Z fold Brochure Design.
  • Booklet.

Simply tell us your requirement and what you want to communicate through your brochure.